India’s future: a child who eats and reads

It is the year 2000. I am 7 years old. The clock strikes 2.15pm. The school bell rings, I run home, and eat the just-prepared food of my choice.

The number of malnourished people worldwide is just under 1 billion people- the population of the US, Canada and EU combined.

If I would have come across the above fact that time in 2000, I wouldn’t have believed it. Now the stark reality is glaring at us, and it is our duty to fight it. Closer to home, India herself houses a quarter of those hungry millions. And 3000 children die daily due to illness related to poor diet in this economically developing country.

Mid-day meal in Sirohi, Rajasthan - Credits: ganuullu (Creative Commons)

Mid-day meal in Sirohi, Rajasthan – Credits: ganuullu (Creative Commons)

What are the two prominent things in my childhood memory? School and food. There is a deep connection between food and education, a full stomach and progress. The reason the country spent millions on Food Security Bill comes as no surprise. According to World Food Programme, there is enough food for everyone in the world. We should help food and nutrition reach the people in need so that India progresses as a whole. Let’s see if we can bring back the proud moment of calling ourselves Indians when we were kids long ago, oblivious of the gripping poverty, hunger and illiteracy.

What can you do to help the economically under-privileged?

  • As a tech-savvy youngster, you could donate generously for the mid-day meal at school for children at the click of a mouse.
    Or reach out to other NGOs that are working for the cause you are passionate about, may it be education of a girl child, helping poor on the roadside survive Delhi winters, hygiene and sanitation problems in far-flung villages.
  • For bloggers and writers- It is our social responsibility as bloggers to spread awareness about issues of importance through our writings. I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda. And so should you.

Children should not have to choose between the two very important things in life. Help end hunger in classrooms, and give them a memory to remember.