A Reaffirmation of Faith in Humanity during J&K Floods

Source: Rediff

Source: Rediff

Being called the Katrina of India, the worst floods in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the past century caused by the over flow of river Jhelum, which killed around 200 people and left 1.5 lakh stranded, has re-affirmed the faith and belief of the people in humanity, as help poured from all over as people came together to aid their countrymen in need.

Relief came from volunteer doctors, donations from various colleges and institutes tied up with airlines, government introduced emergency helplines, telecommunication sectors trying their best to connect people, small and big NGOs mobilising relief material, US pledging USD 250,000 for relief amenities and AirIndia sending 21 lifeboats from New York to Srinagar.  Sanjay Raina in Srinagar, who helped rescue others before saving himself, says, “I found inner peace in putting many others in rescue boats first before evacuating my ownself.” Army loaded seven trucks of relief material weighing more than 300 tonnes including over 2.4 lakh litres of mineral water, as many as 774 blankets, baby food, biscuits, pulses, candles, match sticks.

With the army helping around one lakh people with setting up of 16 relief camps, could this be a kind of alliance between J&K and the army which had been having clashes and misunderstandings since a long time. “In hours of tragedy, we should certainly count our blessings. If army stops rescue, it’s all over, so please respect it,” a person tweets.